Prioritizing All Components of Health and Well-being

When asked about health priorities, many would most likely bring up physical wellness endeavors. Typical answers to this question will usually touch on a diet, exercise, supplements, and getting enough sleep. While physical well-being is, of course, a priority, the other components of health like social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and occupational well-being must also be a priority.

For discussion purposes, let us leave off physical health for the moment and focus on social, intellectual, and emotional well-being.


The mindset of a socially healthy individual rests on the idea that making contributions for the good of the entire community is a worthwhile endeavor. Man doesn’t live for himself alone but for others who need his help. It is better to live harmoniously with people in general rather than live with hatred and conflict.

When you place importance to the common good, you also become aware of your role in improving society and the environment. You tend to find ways to improve communication, enhancing personal relationships along the way.


An individual who wants to maintain a healthy and active intellect avoids unproductive activities. Pursuing creative and intellectual work and keeping the brain challenged and stimulated is a priority. There is a need to expand skills and knowledge with a deeper intention of sharing skills and talents with other people. The path to intellectual wellness involves tackling issues and problems and learning from it, pursuing personal goals, reading to expand skills and to get updated with what’s happening around you. An individual who values intellectual health will choose to identify and resolve problems based on reliable information rather than procrastinate and put off solving a potential problem.


An emotionally well individual accepts his feelings, is enthusiastic, and maintains a positive outlook despite some adversities. When you are aware that you are not perfect and have come to accept your limitations, you are better able to attain satisfying relationships with those around you. There is also an acceptance of other people’s feelings and weaknesses as well. It is easier for an emotionally healthy individual to live an independent life while appreciating the support of others.

Your health priorities should be viewed with the six health components in mind. If one link is missing, this gap could have a negative impact on your overall wellness.