How to Have the Gift of Health and Longevity

Do you want a healthy life and live long enough to see your grandchildren or even your great grandchildren? Read on to find out how to receive these gifts.

Binge on low-calorie food

Watching your weight enables you to avoid illnesses. Restricting the amount of high-calorie food you consume could also delay signs of aging. But do you know you can still binge, fill up your plate, and feel satisfied without feeling guilty? Yes, you’ve read it right. Noted nutritionists advise on filling your plate with fruits and veggies, beans and whole grains. Forget burgers, gravies, heavy sauces, and fatty meat portions and you’re surely off to a good start towards a healthy, longer, life.

Exercise – your fountain of youth

It is common knowledge what exercise does to your body. As you add years to your life, exercise is a necessary activity to maintain a toned physique. It burns the calories you consume from the food you eat and keeps you alert as well as out and about. Experts say that physical activity is as powerful as an anti-aging drug. A team of exercise physiologists observed healthy adults above 60 years of age. The group was put on an exercise regimen, including moderate weight training for half a year. Afterward, they tested the effect of exercise on free radicals in the body. Exercise even at low intensities resulted in a drop in free radicals. Another batch belonging to the same age group were not placed in an exercise program. This group exhibited an increase in free radicals by more than 12 percent.

Do what interests you

Even if you’re 60, 70, or even older, you must find something to get busy with and it’s not necessarily about work. At this time in your life, almost all your expectations like having your kids finish college or building a home have been satisfied. Now, you have more time for yourself and there are many options how you would want this time spent to your enjoyment. It’s the time to relax and find that activity which makes you happy or content.

Spend time with people you love to have around

Spending time and talking with people close to your heart can be stress relieving. Conversing with a friend, a favorite sister, a funny co-worker – anyone who makes you laugh can do wonders to your overall health. Having good buddies around you can boost feelings of joy and these experts say boost your immunity.

Challenge your brain

The mental decline comes with age however, you can delay this by doing simple brain exercises. By simply doing your regular routine in a different way, you have already attempted to challenge those brain cells. Others call it brain calisthenics or aerobics.

It’s your choice whether or not you want the gift of long life that’s healthy and full of vitality. How long you can live healthy depends to some extent on the decisions you will make today.